Evenings and discos



For Bassi Tours, road safety is paramount. There are always more devices to limit accidents, but common sense is what is needed most of all. When you want to enjoy a nice evening with friends, the hire of a night shuttle for transfers to restaurants, clubs, pubs or nightclubs can, therefore, be practical and ensure peace of mind.

Bassi Tours offers this type of service in all the towns around Lake Garda, as well as in the provinces of Brescia, Verona, Bergamo, Mantova, Cremona, Venice and Milan.

There are many types of vehicle on offer that differ in terms of size, number of seats and accessories, but what is most important is knowing that you can count on the professionalism of a driver who will take you to your destination and back again in absolute safety.

The buses follow a route arranged between the hirer and the client, or collect the passengers on-call, according to location.
The most popular destinations for this kind of service are obviously the discos and clubs of Lake Garda, including:

  • Ago e Rita: bar and tavern in Torri del Benaco (VR)
  • Al Convento Ristorante Music Dance: & restaurant in Lonato del Garda (BS)
  • Coco Beach: disco with restaurant in Lonato del Garda (BS)
  • Hollywood: dance club and disco with restaurant in Bardolino (VR)
  • Primo Life Club: disco with restaurant in Bardolino (VR)
  • Art Club: musical theatre and disco in Desenzano del Garda (BS)
  • Be Club: disco in Lonato del Garda (BS)
  • Red Clubbing: disco in Lonato del Garda (BS)
  • Plaza Disco: disco with restaurant in Lonato del Garda (BS)
  • Baia Bianca: disco with restaurant in Desenzano del Garda (BS)
  • Desigual: disco in Lonato del Garda (BS)


The hire of coaches for discos and clubs is often requested by organised groups, who consider the option to be both safe and convenient for large numbers of people.


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